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Since the conversion boom of the 1980s, Modern Kitchen & Bath Designs has been working closely with industry leading developers, landlords and property managers in their kitchen and bath construction and renovations.


Often working on partial or entire property portfolios for real estate moguls like the Trumps, Lefraks and BLDG, among others, our Investor/Landlord Division specializes in multi-unit full-scale or phased in design and installation projects. These are long-term relationships that we fervently value and protect.


Our sales and design staff are acutely aware that in these types of projects, value is everything.  Maximum value must not only be reflected in the cost but, just as important, it must be reflected in the overall process, from design to installation. Work must be completed on time. Picking the right materials and creating super efficient designs are also key in attracting prospective tenants. That attraction creates demand; and constant high demand for your units mean better returns on your investment.


​Our familiarity with the inner-workings of the real estate industry has proven invaluable in meeting the high expectations of our clients. But, there's more.  In order for our clients to continue to lead, we, too, have to be leaders.  


Our Signature Interior Designs division is constantly tuned in to evolving lifestyles and trends, which are reflected in the latest and best in luxury real estate. With the two divisions working closely together, we are able to explore ways to incorporate innovative products and designs, thus ensuring that you will always be ahead of the competition. 



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