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What's cooking? That's an expression that says it all.  It means "what's going on?", implying that anything you would like to know about a household, you are likely to find out in the kitchen.


Why? Because the kitchen is the heart of the home. It is where everything happens, the axis of most familial and professional gatherings and daily routines. It is also where we go when we need nourishment and an important space where many memories are created.  


Do you relish asian cuisine? Are you into fitness? Are you a busy executive? Do you have Scandinavian or Mediterranean ancestry? Or perhaps you are an avid Food Network viewer. Crave chocolate on a bad day or enjoy a glass of good wine before bed? Do you have child in the house with a sweet tooth? A quick look in the kitchen could reveal answers to these. Because everything in a kitchen relates to whom we are, how we live our lives, and what we value most. In short, we are what we eat.


As a financial investment, it is always important to keep in mind that the combination of quality of materials, appealing aesthetics and efficiency of design often is key in enabling potential buyers or tenants to visualize themselves in a home. Frequently, the kitchen contributes significantly towards that goal, giving someone a formidable impression of a property's timelessness, timeliness, condition and quality. Thus, designers like us must keep searching for better designs, better materials and innovative concepts. Because the higher and stronger the demand for a kitchen like yours, the better your property's value. 


Whether you are a landlord, a developer, property manager or individual homeowner, you already understand that the kitchen greatly affects the value of a home.  And so do we.

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